​Fight Food Waste with Waves 

We helped OzHarvest deliver 2,736 meals in winter!

Our Target

This winter, we set a goal:

Help OzHarvest deliver an additional 2,000 meals to locals in need.​

To reach this, we needed 15,000 bottles & cans recycled in the purple bins at Waves…

Target Smashed!

Thanks to the contributions of our Canberra community, we helped OzHarvest deliver an extra 2,736 meals to locals in need.

​And winter might be over, but it doesn’t stop here…

Fight food waste with Waves

When you recycle your bottles and cans at Waves, 100% of proceeds are donated to OzHarvest.​

OzHarvest is Australia’s leading food rescue organisation. They prevent quality food from ending up in landfill, and ensure it goes to those who need it most.

Fight food waste with Waves

Collect your bottles & cans at home.

Recycle in our purple bins when you come for your wash.

(Or anytime! You, your family & friends can recycle your bottles & cans at Waves whenever you like).

100% of proceeds will be donated to OzHarvest.

A small act, with a big impact.

Make a difference, one bottle at a time.

​Bring your empties to Waves to help provide a warm meal to someone in need.