Waves Services

Whether you opt for a full in & out or a quick Express…
Waves has a service suitable for everyone!

We provide a range of inside and outside services, polishing options and pre-sale detailing packages.

And for or those who find it hard to get the car washed during business hours, feel free to visit any of our Waves locations to take advantage of our 24/7 facilities.

Each Waves location is equipped with a high-tech Combi Autowash, Self-Serve and Dogwash bays (Gungahlin Only), vacuums and bins… all available 24/7 for your private use.

At Waves we are more than just a carwash!


Waves offers a variety of Express options for customers who are in a hurry… We have an Express Tunnel service, which offers a quick, yet thorough exterior only wash. Customers pay at the entrance driveway, ride through the wash tunnel and keep going at the other end.

FROM $20

Valet Wash

Waves Carwash has a superior range of Valet washes on offer, each of which comes with friendly and personal service. With these washes, you will drive in, leave your car and your keys with our professional staff. Our wash crew will then have your car cleaned 'inside and out' and have it back to you in around 35 minutes, looking and smelling fresh.

You won’t have to lift a finger, just sit back, relax, read the news and enjoy a cuppa in the comfort of our Cafe @ Waves. We’ll do the hard work for you!

Bookings are NOT required for Valet wash services.

FROM $45


Whether you’re after some regular vehicle maintenance or you want to restore, protect or preserve… you might even be looking to sell?

Whatever the case, Waves offers a large range of quality detailing options for you to choose from.

Please visit one of our locations to get a quote on a service that suits you, your car and your budget! Due to every car being different and in different conditions waves cannot give you a quote via email or over the phone, our menu will give you an estimate of cost, however we strongly recommend you visit either of our locations for an obligation free quote.


24/7 Combi Autowash

Starting from $10 our Combi Autowash, will give your car superior wash. Touch free options are available or you can opt for a thorough wash using the latest in agitation technology; SofTecs foam fingers! Or, for the ultimate clean you can have both!

Self Serve

With the latest and best soaps, waxes, 'Air Shammee Technology' and more, self service gives you the opportunity to hand wash your own car, with the best resources available. As part of the Self Service options we offer Tri-Colour Conditioners and Foams, designed to protect the longevity of your car's duco.

24/7 Dog Wash

Dogwash bays are available at our Gungahlin location 24/7. It’s fun and easy to use, and a super convenient way to wash and bond with your furry four legged friend.

Each of our well kept Dogwash bays include a variety of washing functions and products including; warm water, silky shampoo, soft conditioner, flea eradicator, and a turbo blow dry.