We have a range of car wash services at Waves Carwash across our five locations in Canberra, including full-service washing and hand vacuuming, and self-serve car wash facilities including drive-through automatic washes and DIY dog wash stations.

Full Service

Braddon | Phillip | Gungahlin

Our full-service wash tunnel uses the world’s best, state-of-the-art equipment.

Choose between our soft brushes or a touchless wash. Designed and engineered in Europe, our soft brushes are created from a special non-porous material. They wash vehicles exceptionally gently, without leaving the slightest of brush marks on the paintwork. Your car’s protection is our priority.

​After our full-service wash tunnel, our team can vacuum your vehicle and clean your interior by hand.

​We have many exterior and interior add-ons available to choose from as well. See our full wash menu using the link below.

Enhanced Care

Braddon | Gungahlin

In search of remarkable vehicle enhancement (basic detailing) services in Canberra? Our Enhanced Care service takes the concept of vehicle detailing to a new express level.

We offer a variety of packages designed to elevate your vehicle’s appearance, along with a range of additional services that can be personalized to meet your preferences.

With our Enhanced Care service (Basic Detailing), your vehicle can achieve a level of radiance and beauty like never before.

Self-Service Car Wash

Braddon | Phillip | Gungahlin

Our self-service wash facilities are open 24/7. We have multiple self-service car wash bays, for those who prefer a hands-on approach.

Or, if you are looking for an automatic car wash, we have our drive-through autowash with soft brush and touchless options.

What Our Customers Say

The teams at Waves Braddon are great. Staff are friendly, the car well washed and vacuumed. Extras are great. Nothing is too much trouble. Kelly is phenomenal!

Annie McKendrick

I have been washing my car in waves for three years now in Braddon. Thanks to Karl and his team for their exceptional services; Kelly, the workaholic. She is just amazing. She is consistently delivering.
Thank you, guys; I will always renew my membership because of your exceptional services.

Anor Ikeyi

I'd like to express my immense gratitude to the Waves team for their exceptional assistance in retrieving a cherished bracelet that slipped into a main drain while I was cleaning my car. I appreciated their efforts very much. Their kindness is a great reflection of the people who work there.

Holly T

Waves Gungahlin has such great service - always leaves my car spotless!
One of the cafe workers Sharon deserves recognition for her hard working, generosity, professionalism, dedication and positivity. She always brings a great attitude towards her work and anyone that walks in. The atmosphere she’s created in the cafe whilst people wait for their car to be cleaned is above all, plus she cooks incredibly.
If I could give a 10 star rating for her I would! 11/10 rating!

Salvador Arizapa